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About Chris Gauntlett

Christopher Gauntlett Personal Trainer and Clinical Massuer Resilience Massage and Training

Chris Gauntlett is a Melbourne based remedial massage therapist, strength and condition coach, martial arts instructor, and trainer. He is the founder and director of Resilience Massage and Training.

Chris has over fifteen years of experience providing evidence-based, remedial massage therapy and functional strength training solutions to clients with a diverse range of soft tissue injuries, rehabilitation requirements, and performance goals. These include elite level athletes, those seeking rehabilitation for sports and workplace injuries, the disabled, children, older adults, and those simply seeking better health while having fun and becoming more active.

In addition to his work as a clinical soft-tissue therapist and strength and conditioning coach, Chris is also a professional martial arts instructor with two decades of teaching experience. Martial arts training and classes at ResilienceMT include Wing Chun Kung-fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Boxing, and Muay Thai.

Sessions and appointments for all ResilienceMT services are tailored to individual needs and combine a broad and comprehensive understanding of training and massage methodologies that is informed by the latest science on human movement, sports medicine, and exercise physiology.

Resilience massage and training is conveniently located at 600 City Road, South Melbourne.

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A Holistic, Multidisciplinary Approach to Massage, Training and Health

Resilience Massage and Training offers a variety of services catering to a broad range of individual needs and circumstances. The treatment and training philosophy at ResilienceMT is that every individual is unique – with different physical goals, requirements, attributes, and limitations – and should be understood within the context of this holistic functional model. For this reason, ResilienceMT offers many pathways to achieving optimised individual health and physical performance. For example, A person whose primary goal is weight loss may find the most utility in the high-intensity workouts offered by Boxing and Muay Thai training to be the best tool for achieving that objective. An older adult seeking relief from severe lower back pain would benefit from a combination of the gentle pain relieving therapy of remedial massage treatment combined with the rejuvenating exercise offered by Tai Chi Chuan. The needs of a young woman interested in improving her fitness and health, but also anxious about her physical safety walking home at night from work would be ideally suited to the training in situational awareness and tactical self-defence offered by Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Whereas an elite athlete looking to make a return to competition from sports injury would require a complete biomechanical assessment and an individually tailored remedial massage and exercise rehabilitation program.

In addition to his extensive qualifications as soft tissue therapist and trainer, Chris brings a wealth of direct practical experience to his service. Chris has trained and competed at an elite level in several sports including full contact Muay Thai kickboxing. Having experienced numerous injuries throughout his career, some requiring lengthy periods of rehabilitation, Chris’ service as a trainer and therapist are informed by a wealth of practical experience and knowledge of the body that goes beyond mere ‘textbook’ understanding. Despite being an ageing athlete, Chris is still just as passionate and dedicated to his training as he was at age twenty. He is constantly seeking to transcend the limitations of an ageing body by researching and studying more efficient and productive methods of optimising health and functional fitness. Every aspect of Chris’ service, whether it be remedial massage therapy, strength training, or martial arts technique instruction, has been personally tested and vetted. As a consequence, Chris stands by the effectiveness of his approach and methodology, which is continuously being tested, reevaluated, and evolving.

Regardless of your physical goals – whether you are seeking relief from musculoskeletal pain, rehabilitation from injury, improved athletic performance, or just want to get fit and achieve better health while having fun – at Resilience Massage and Training we have a customised program to suit your specific health and fitness needs.

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