Boxing and Muay Thai Training at ResilienceMT South Melbourne

Boxing and Muay Thai

What it is:

Boxing and Muay Thai training in South Melbourne at Resilience MT uses the best of both traditional and modern day training methods to improve physical fitness and provide skills for self defence.

How it works:

A strong emphasis is placed on creating a solid foundation of correct technique and proper body mechanics. Traditional offensive and defensive techniques are taught and explained thoroughly within the context of strategy and ring craft. 

Training incorporates pad-work, shadow boxing, focus mitt drills, skipping, heavy bag work, speed ball and floor to ceiling ball drills.

Boxing and Muay Thai specific strength and conditioning training is also included, and is tailored to suit individual requirements.

Sparring is not a requirement for participation in general training and is available on request to members interested in exploring the combative aspects of the art.

Is Boxing and Muay Thai training right for me?

Boxing and Muay Thai training sessions cater to all levels of fitness and experience. Benefits include: 

  • improved fitness, cardiac function, agility, strength and coordination
  • an effective method of self defence
  • a better understanding of the sport’s technical subtleties and art

Boxing and Muay Thai training is currently offered in personal training sessions, by appointment, for individuals or small groups (of up to 4 people).

For specific fitness requirements and needs, contact Chris Gauntlett to find out more.