Strength and Conditioning Training at ResilienceMT in South Melbourne

Strength and Conditioning

What it is:

Strength and Conditioning Training at Resilience MT is a comprehensive approach to strength training that aims to achieve improved athletic performance, fast track injury rehabilitation, and insure injury prevention.

How it works:

Training focuses on developing functional strength, establishing proper body mechanics and movement patterns, and promoting a symmetry of strength and flexibility throughout the body.

Is Strength And Conditioning Training right for me?

Strength and Conditioning training offers a range of benefits including:

  • Maximising athletic potential and reducing the risk of sports injuries for both recreational and professional athletes 
  • Building functional strength
  • improving recovery times from sporting competition and training
  • Promoting balanced posture 
  • Reducing muscular pain and dysfunction caused by repetitive strain or sedentary lifestyles
  • Assisting injury rehabilitation by restoring proper movement patterns 
  • Reducing muscular pain by correcting strength imbalances

For specific fitness requirements and needs, contact Chris Gauntlett to find out more.